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Name: Calek Hunter Nite

Concept: Soldier/Capo
Clan: Ventrue Nature: Caregiver
Generation: 6th Demeanor: Bravo

eyes, and has a few days old scruff. Tends to switch between, studded leather jacket with white poet's shirt and leather pants, or black leather trenchcoat with crimson scarfe and black t-shirt and leather pants. Always wears fingerless glovelets, a pair of ratty old paratrooper boots, and mirrored sunglasses. Has a swirling tattooe over his right eye, and the Ventrue sceptre inside his left forearm.

Abilities of note:
Martial arts (Ninpo), Kendo (Sword arts), Automatic pistols, Paired Weapons, Music (all guitars, and piano)

Merits and Flaws:
Eat Food (Drink beer!)Feeding Restriction (Female Ventrue and Toreador), Intolerance (Anarchs), Nightmares (Dark Fate), Phobia (Snakes), Short Fuse, Dark Secret (hehe), Dark Fate (Die at a wife's hand), Enemies (Sabbat brood, Biological Family), Hunted (Sabbat orientated ex sister-in-law)

Calek first came to the city 3 years ago (OOC, not sure what that stands as IC years) and quickly came into friendship with higher society members (engaged to Lyonyssa a few weeks after arrival into town) but soon his life began to crumble around him. The city he came from was at constant war, and many times during his living here he went back and helped aid his friends in the turf wars (Aol's Rhydin + Red Dragon Inn free form RP rooms) But he always ended up returning to the city and the place he felt he belonged the most...the VampirePub. Long before being embraced into the clans, Calek knew of the existence of the Kindred...He was engaged to one before being engaged to Lyonyssa...Thruout his life he would marry, and quickly divorce his wives, moving on to the next and not settling down. The last time he was close to actually settling down, was when he met Mylia Wolfsabre. The two fell in love and began courtship, which later ended up in marriage. Thru this union is how Calek met his future wife and sire, Callista. Calek knew imediatly that he and Callista were kindred souls going along the same path in life, but Cal was in love with Mylia, and didn't think Calli would ever feel the way about him that he denied to himself that he felt for her. That marriage lasted the longest out of all his previous marriages, but yet still went into ruination when Mylia was raped and forever changed. Knowing there was nothing he could do, Calek once again left to go back to his original home. It was there that Calek once again ran into his Biological twin brother Randall Xavier Nite, who had already been taken into a Sabbat Orientated Gangrel clan. Intent on either killing Calek, or becoming his sire, Rand persued Calek for many months. Drained and no where else to turn, Calek returned to the city he loved and quickly found his place once again in it. He ran into his ex wife's soul sister Callista once again, and learned that she had lost that enigimatic fire that she once had by the hand of her new sire, Hellion aka: Adrian Kentric. Outraged, Calek made Callista fight to rekindle the inferno that drew Calek to her in the first place and began to succeed when Rand showed up in the city with mixed brood of his Sabbat allies and began to threaten Calek's friends. In a few flared weeks in which Calek was injured continuously, Rand finally succeeded in Killing Calek, and then turning on his friends. Callista asked permission from the Prince of the city (And Calek's ex fiancee') Lyonyssa to attempt to resurrect Calek. She succeeded and embraced Calek into clan Ventrue. Only with his new found strength, Calek was able to defeat and destroy Rand.

Soon after, Calek's Biological father, Garrison Nite of clan Toreador, showed up with one of Calek's twin offspring. Calek's son Trait met his father for the first time in his 17 years of life, wanting Calek to embrace him before returning back to his home city. Calek, thinking this would have been the last time he was to see this child anyway, agreed. Little did Calek know that nearly immediatly after he embraced his son, the twin's biological mother died of a strange vampiric disease. Trait's
twin sister Terrina came to town after Garrison had decided to stay.

Knowing that if word was to come out that Calek illegally embraced his son, his status, and perhaps life would be in danger, he made the only two who knew swear to secracy in hopes that he will be able to hide the mistake. The twin's hold stock in their Grandfather's international corporation and each own their own apartment within the city, but still spend most of their time in the old romping grounds.

During all this, Calek had found time to spend with Callista, who he had been falling deeper and deeper in love with. Only thru her embracing him, was Callista able to break the feeding restriction of drinking solely from Hellion, and the pair began a short secret courtship. If word was to reach Hellion that his prized childe was involved with a long time enemy of his got to him, there would have been "Hell" to pay...literally. But soon, Calek and Callista decided to throw caution to the wind and make public the news of their engagement (much to the disapointment of a few ladies in town) A friend of Calek's named Demetra tried time and again to talk Calek out of it, but Calek stood adamant. He knew now that Calli and he were meant to be together, and no one, not even Hellion, would stop them from being together. Demetra resorted to every trick she knew to avert Calek from his love. Even professing her own love to him, which he blatently disregarded

Garrison Nite began to court Demetra, and soon they were engaged. Calek swears Demetra only married his father to spite him, but to his satisfaction, and hopefully her disapointment, it isn't working. Garrison and Demetra have been trying to control Calek since the two of them joined forces, but so far have not been able to budge Calek. Calek married Callista one day after Demetra and his father married.

A few weeks after the two weddings, Demetra's son Ryath let Garrison and Calek in on a plan he was thinking of to get Terron and La`Nuit tossed from their positions. Their mistake was to let Calek in on a plot concerning Calek's clan. Torn between his loyalties to both of his families Calek needed time to think about what he should do. Unfortunatly for her, Demetra decided his choice for him by voicing once again her dislike of Callista. Pushed to the breaking point with her insistant down talking of his love, Calek abandoned his biological family and shortening his name to Calek Hunter...severing all ties to his decietfull father, and annoying ex-friend and step mother Demetra. He then took his knowledge of the plot to Justicar La`Nuit and Prince Lyonyssa. Forever to follow the paths of his new family, and clan...Ventrue.

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