Name: Callista Nature: Confidant Generation:
Player: Callista Demeanor: Autocrat Haven: Innconu_Conclave
Clan: Ventrue Concept: Lover of Unlife


Physical Social Mental
Strength: 4 Charisma: 4 Perception:
Dexterity: 4 Manipulation: 2 Intelligence:
Stamina: 4 Appearance: Wits:


Talents Skills Knowledges
Acting : Animal Ken : Bureaucracy :
Alertness : Drive : Computers :
Athletics : 0 Etiquette : Finance :
Brawl : Firearms : Investigation :
Dodge : 0 Melee : Law :
Empathy : Music : Linguistics :
Intimidation : Repair : Medicine :
Leadership : Security : Occult :
Streetwise : 2 Stealth : 0 Politics :
Subterfuge : Survival : Science :


Disciplines Backgrounds Virtues
Dominate : Mentor : Conscience :
Fortitude : Generation : Self-Control :
Presence : Courage :
Humanity : Willpower : 3 Blood Pool :

Merits & Flaws

Merits Type Flaw Type


Location Description
Inconnu Conclave A beautiful home owned by Adrian Kendric, ideal for any kindred, dark and forbading, and hidden from prying mortal eyes, the Conclave is a work of art. A home made from a enlarged cavern, it gives home to Adrian, Callista and the rest of the family.



Callista was born as any normal child, to a mother and father in New York City in the United States, as part of the american middle class. Her parents, always wanting more for their daughter pushed her to excel farther then most children her age. She attended all the best private schools. The exquisite beauty she contained lead her to the top of her classes, the most popular, and the class president all through High school. Her interests peeked into the unknown, the darkside of the beautiful young woman unknown to all her friends and parents. Late evenings she would sneak out and to the gothic clubs of the city intrigued by the unearthly beauty of these children of the nite. She finally ran away from home leaving her parents and her old life behind.

Smart enough to stay out of trouble Callista came to a small pub in the outerlaying limits of the current city she was residing in. Intoxicated by the smells of exotic liquiors, the sounds of almost unearthly music, the languid movements of the patrons. Never had it dawned on her that these people never traveled in the daylight, or ate, nor did she care. Nights passed, each one bring new experiances, new feelings, new ideas. More than one man catching her fancy she finally subdued and became the childe of one, a man named Adrian Kendric.

The new feelings, the bloodlust, almost overwelming sensations to the young vampire. Her knowledge keeping her alive even when her sire disappeared. In his return she came to the resolution she was in love with him, a common fancy. But he infrequent appearances turned her to another who had been present her entire time in the strange pub she'd haunted for two years. A few weeks later her and her new childe Calek Nite were married.


Apparent Age:
Date of Birth: October 30, 1973
RIP: November 6, 1996
Hair: Reddish Brown
Eyes: Green
Nationality: American
Sex: Female


Regal and captivating, or daring and cunning at first glance, Callista is a beauty unknown to most. Her eyes are enticing and inviting but what may lurk behind them is not. She knows well how to use her beauty and men's interest to her own will. She is a beautiful and deadly temptress.

She is partial to black, crimson, forest green and midnight blue, her slender form complimented by any attire and she is frequent to change her styles.

Knee high doc clad her slender legs, a vintage crimson skirt falls to mid thigh the lacey black hem only slightly more, her smooth stomach bears a small ankh charm hanging from her pierced naval a indian ring tattoo encircling her naval, a matching crimson halftop with long tapered sleeves covers her upper body.

She is also known to wear either a thigh length black dress of velvet, silk, satin, or cotton, with knee high lace up black suede boots, or a full length crimson dress of velvet with long tapered sleeves and a laced up botice. On occasion she wears a full length form fitting forest green dress of silk with matching silk slippers. Her black cloak flows and forms around her body clinging to the air like a shadow itself.

Her long reddish brown hair is either worn down, let to cascade over her shoulders in fiery crimson tresses, or she wears it up in elaborate braids upon her head.

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