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Villa de Wyntyr Roses in the Moonlight
Headquarters of Family Roase

Trespassers Will Be Eaten, Unwanted Guests Skewered

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There hae been a few changes to occur in Family Roase.  Scroll down to the new link entitled: Path of Roase, Path of Phynyxx to find out what has happened.

Artist Unknown
It was found on a public domain graphics anime
CD entitled "Digital Pink"

When you first enter the villa you are shown into a rather large parlor. A spiral staircase leads upstairs, a door to the right leads off to the library, and to the left is the main meeting room. A large man dressed in black and crimson approaches you and looks you over, never smiling once. He frowns at you and then you politely are shown into the main room when you inquire about Mylia Roase. The man doesn't look too happy as he leads you into the other room, announcing in a deep voice that you are here to see the mistress of the villa.

This room is filled with several people, most of them dressed in the same crimson and black uniform that the man who led you in is wearing.  You notice the Phoenix insignias on their uniforms and deduce that these must be the guards of the woman you are here to see.

You see three people standing against the bar.  Two of the women look slightly alike and the large man beside them glares at you in hostility.  He looks at the smaller of the women and says something in a foreign language...you think it might be Japanese but you are not sure.  The tall woman looks at you measuringly and you flinch from the power in her eyes.  This must be Mylia's sister Callista, and the man has to be the samurai, Calek, that you have heard so much about.

A woman wearing black vinyl shorts and a short, sheer belly shirt and mirrored sunglasses moves away from the bar and walks up to you. She is wearing fishnet stockings under the shorts, and a pair of thigh high leather boots with silver spiked heels.  There are silver buckles going up the sides of the boots, making them look even more dangerous.  Her hair seems to be the color of a dark wine---or maybe it's burgundy satin. You're not sure, but it's like no color of hair you have ever seen before, and it swings free and wild below her waist and around her face like an angry lion's mane.  A vine of what appears to be rose thorns creeps up her arm, a blood red rose set on wrist.  It is a beautiful and deadly reminder of the past you have read of.   She straightens her sleeveless motorcycle jacket and looks at you thoughtfully.  As you look her over, you notice a silver rose charm dangling from her pierced navel.

 Her face, what you can see of it behind the mirrored glasses is the color of marble and the artist in you swears she is a mobile statue. She wears a sash with the orange and black crest of the Phynyxx family, the badge of Primogen and a strange ring on her right hand. She also has a dagger on her right hip that changes colors as you watch it.  You find yourself swallowing nervously and wondering how you will find the courage to speak to this woman who looks as if she has stepped right off of the pages of a magazine.

The woman looks you up and down, then lowers her shades showing a pair of orchid eyes, and a tattoo of a blazing fire around her left eye.  The light hitting the ruby chips in the tips of the flames of the tattoo makes it seem that the fire is actually blazing.  A stilletto is seen sticking out of one of her boots, and under the fishnets you can see a colorful phoenix tattoo on her left thigh. She smiles in a feral manner and pushes her glasses back up and places a hand on her hip.

An imposing looking male in a trenchcoat comes forward and stands at her side. There is a shotgun slung across his back and what looks like a katana on his hip. His eyes warn you to tread carefully and you find yourself hoping you never anger him and meet him in a dark alley somewhere. You deduce that this must be Mylia's paramour, Stormcrow.  Your research has told you that Stormcrow is very protective of his beloved and you don't doubt he would instantly kill you if you tried to harm her.

You notice the room has suddenly become very silent. Several distrustful eyes turn your way as you hear blades scrape in their scabbards and you could swear you hear a hammer being cocked back. All eyes are on you and the petite woman as she extends one gloved hand.

"Welcome to Villa Rose De Wyntyr. I am Mylia Roase Scorn...how cae I be of service?"

Enter Into the Labyrinth of the Villa of the Phynyxx Family...
Watch Your Step...Ye Never Know Who May Be Watching...


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