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Subject:   To the Parents of a Sang
From:   "lolitas_hymen - LJ Comment" <>
Date:   Mon, October 16, 2006 1:20 pm
Priority:   Normal
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Daynah (lolitas_hymen) replied to your LiveJournal comment in which you said:
Hi, I run and it was pointed out to me that one of our articles written by an old member of our site appears to have been plaigarized.

Specifically I'm talking about the article, To the Parents of a Sanguinarian. This article appears on your site, credited to someone named Coyote.

This was was produced for House Eclipse over two years ago by Daynah. And originally posted to our old forums. The article has since been reposted to our new site credited to her though she is no longer a site member.

I would say if this article was not posted by Daynah you may want to contact her for permission through her website and change the copyright to the correct person.

Figured it would be easier to post a comment on LJ then a email =)
Their reply was:
Subject: To the Parents of a Sang
First of all, Thank you Ransim for watching over me. Blessed be the Ties that Bind. They are stronger than everything. It is amazing that people have asked me about House Eclipse and I have said, "Even though I don't keep in contact with them now, my life so busy, I know that they will support me." and now that there is an opportunity for you all to do so, you have!

Now, the person who thought my letter was so useful, thank you! I'm quite flattered. But really, I guess I'm a prideful person and that's my fault... I'd love for my name to be spread across the internet in connection to my writing! And if you like my writing enough to repost it... you could help me with that! So, if you'd please, just like Ransim says, she reads my mind, talk to me about using it (my email is, and my domain is for future reference) and we'll get everything set up.

It looks really nice for a website to have other sources on it. Otherwise, you're just blab blab blabing yourself on the website. It's great you're using other sources on yours. It'll make your website just another notch more credible than all the rest! Good job. Let's fix this tiny little bibliographical error and mush forward!

In Love and Service,


Webmaster of
Local Educator of Vampire Youth
Other Service Projects Include:
Interfaith Council, Donating Dog Food to Local Pounds, Creating a Native Habitat for the Local Mountain, Cleaning the River and "Hobo Canyon"

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